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On September 12, Mr. Chuck Lin, product technology expert of AMD Taiwan Branch, head of AMD PEEP (PCB Ecosystem Enabling Program) Project, visited Wuxi Grace Electron Technology, a subsidiary of Grace Epoxy Base Electronic Material Co, Ltd. in Guangzhou, for an in-depth technical exchanges. Mr. Ricky Hu, Executive Vice President of Grace Electron Technology, led the company's relevant technology research and development managers to attend the technical exchange meeting. At the meeting, the two parties had in-depth exchanges on the technological development directions of AMD Future Data Center, AI servers, EPYC CPU, GPU and APU platforms, as well as requirements on material performance, PCB processing technology, SI, Dk & Df measurement methods and other requirements.

This is an important step for Grace Electronics Technology in high-frequency materials, terminal research and future testing cooperation.


     At the information exchange meeting, Mr. Ricky Hu, The Executive Vice President of Wuxi Grace Electron Technology first introduced the overall platform of Grace T.H.W Group and its high degree of integration in high-frequency materials. The key main raw materials used are our own Grace Fabric Technology Co, Ltd. Low Dk fiberglass cloth and PPO resin within the group and Grace Epoxy Base Electronic Material’s high-frequency materials in the main Market terminal testing and certification status.

      In addition, it is specially introduced that Hongren Electronics Zhuhai factory will be started construction and strive to be completed and put into operation as soon as possible. Zhuhai Hongren plans and designed the advanced research and development laboratory, and selects the industrial high-performance production equipment to adapt to the production process of high-frequency and high-speed materials. For the high-frequency high-speed materials mass production to do a comprehensive planning layout. 


Executive Vice President Mr. Ricky Hu introduced the group’s integration and current development▲

      Afterwards, Mr. Chuck Lin, head of AMD PEEP Project, shared the product roadmap of AMD's next-generation server CPU , GPU and APU, the PEEP (PCB Ecosystem Enabling Program) project, and the latest signal test method MCML (Multi-Coaxial Multi-Layer Metrology), and discussed with  Wuxi Grace Electron Technology the electronics-related technical team discussed high-frequency and high-speed CCL material research, new process verification, and signal and reliability testing requirements for the next-generation AI server.


Mr. Chuck Lin, technical director of AMD Taiwan Branch, shared the PEEP theme.▲

 At the exchange meeting, combining industry trends and the latest technology, and focusing on the current hot topic of AI SERVER, both parties analyzed their advantages in their respective fields and made preparations in advance for greatly improving the performance of future products.Currently, AI, cloud computing, and big data technologies are driving leaps and bounds in many industries.AMD, as one of the major leaders in the global semiconductor industry, has strong capabilities in processor design, computing power improvement, and high-frequency signal transmission.Wuxi Grace Electron Technology has rich product applications and solutions in the research and development and production of semiconductor basic materials, which will have a positive impact on the upgrading of SERVER.

       Wuxi Grace Electron Technology and AMD will leverage their respective expertise to further strengthen technical cooperation, jointly explore domestic and foreign high-speed integrated high-speed markets, provide more practical and innovative product solutions for the electronic information industry, and jointly build more forward-looking product design solutions.


Mr. Chuck Lin, technical director of AMD Taiwan Branch, had an in-depth exchange the Grace Electron Technology team.▲

       After the exchange meeting, Mr. Chuck Lin, also visited the Grace Electron Technology’s factory workshop, undertaken an in-depth understanding of the company's scale, production technology capabilities, product quality control, etc.  

        Finally, the expert went to the Network Analysis Signal Laboratory of Grace Electron Technology and R&D Department to guide and demonstrate the latest signal test method MCML (Multi-Coaxial Multi-Layer Metrology), as well as specific equipment settings and operation requirements, and discuss how the test results are reflected with the Grace Electron Technology Team The electrical properties of Copper-Clad Laminate materials, PCB processing properties, etc. provide scientific basis for AMD to select materials and processing plants.

       The Network Analysis Signal Laboratory is a new laboratory established under the guidance of amd. Test instrument is the industry advanced model, adapt to the ai and the next generation of high-frequency high-speed material testing needs. Under the guidance and requirements of AMD, Hongren will further improve the laboratory testing conditions and strive to become a professional measurement laboratory of AMD licensing certification. 


Mr. Chuck Lin guides and demonstrates the latest signal testing methods▲

At the same time, a test board using Grace Electron Technology high-frequency high-speed materials to produce AMD's latest design was tested on site.The test data results initially showed that Grace Electron Technology’s high-frequency materials have superior electrical performance, these testing figures increased the confidence of both parties in further cooperation.